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About Us





Building empowered & respected

Deaf communities in India and worldwide.

Training Deaf individuals to lead

Deaf communities towards transformed lives.


Action Plan


Preparing Deaf leaders to become creative, problem-solving, and sustainable changemakers through personalised and hands-on training.

Stage 1

Kickstart - The fundamental stage to get a taste of the DLP Program

Stage 2

Immersion - An intensive training on various topics from self-development to leadership development

Stage 3

Specialised Skills Development - Provide training on essential tools  that every leaders should have such as conflict resolution techniques to social media skills

Stage 4

Internship Opportunity



• To promote and uphold the values such as diversity, equity, and inclusivity of the program

• To provide representation from underrepresented minority backgrounds

• To ensure the inclusion of participants into established professionally recognised by Hear A Million -Enable India programs and networks.

• To support the continued learning and sustained engagement of participants as they establish themselves in their professional journey

• To lead the empowerment of participants with resources and tools to help them give back to their communities in India and worldwide.




• Coaching by a series of talented and acclaimed Experts to enhance their skills as a national leader

• Increasing in their self-development skills as a leader through analysing their strengths and awareness on emotional-intelligence level

• Advancing their knowledge and skills to prepare them to serve as a national resource at their community at home and worldwide

• Building a network of individuals to support them in their professional journey

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